Case Study



DxBone was setting up its first Bone and Joint Center of Excellence dedicated to Orthopedic Musculoskeletal disorders in Dubai. All set to make great strides in patient care with its team of highly qualified European doctors with cumulative experience of 100+ years, DxBone was set to be different, pursuing excellence in every facet of its operations. Development of a unique and memorable brand identity was the focal point and a key milestone in the execution of the brand's organizational strategy.


A detailed research and competitor analysis proceeded even before commencing on the Brand identity. Armed with the findings, the agency formulated the brand strategy, value proposition and the brand model which led to forming of DxBone's brand personality. It was time for the first spark of creativity when the brand strategy was brought to life by taking a leap from logic to magic and the brand logo concepts was developed. The chosen concept translated into the brand logo, designed to build confidence while conveying the brand promise - excellent patient outcomes, leading-edge technology, and easy access to advanced care.


The corporate identity of DxBone was built on a single word, an exclusive neologism solely attributable to the clinic. Dubai shortened to DX (Lettermark) and Bone denotes the nature of business (Wordmark). The logo is an interplay between the letter mark and wordmark types of logos. Once the brand logo was developed, the brand identity was brought to life with the development of Typography Guidelines, Colour Palette, Corporate stationery, Brand Collateral Templates, Photography Style, Internal & External Signages and the overall Advertising & Literature Design System. To ensure consistency in implementation and usage of the new brand mark a Brand Guideline Manual was developed. High awareness and visibility of the new brand were achieved through social media and online engagements.